What is Binit??

Binit Webdesign was founded in December 2004. First it was hobby, but then I registered a business and since then I have been producing websites. Every beginning is difficult. The first static sites were all written in html-code by hand and the graphics were self-made. Over the years new software facilitated the daily life as web designer. I tested many editors and image editing programs. A big step was the introduction of the content management system (CMS) "Mambo". With the help of this software it is possible to publish content and images easily because the user gets assistance by an editor similar to Word. Now, dynamic sites will be created with separate storage of content and layout. For Mambo, which has been developed further under the name "Joomla" since 2005, exists a lot of extensions and templates. For further information please have a look at


The name "Binit" is a variation of the term "binary digit". During the development of this term it was an alternative notation for "bit", but it could never establish. One bit is a digit in the binary numbering system, the universal language for computers and the internet.

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